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1. Develop a virtual reality experience for customers, allowing them to explore different Segway models and features from the comfort of their own home.

2. Create an interactive online store where customers can customize their Segway with accessories and upgrades.

3. Develop a mobile app for customers to track their Segway’s performance and maintenance schedule.

4. Introduce a subscription-based service for customers to receive discounts on parts, accessories, and routine maintenance.

5. Offer a rewards program for customers who make frequent purchases or refer friends and family.

6. Create an online forum where customers can share tips and advice on using and maintaining their Segway.

7. Introduce a Segway rental service for customers looking to try out a Segway before they commit to a purchase.

8. Develop a “try before you buy” program for customers to experience a Segway firsthand before making a purchase decision.

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